My name is Karen Fry and (among other things) I work as an Accredited Practising Dietitian which means I am university-qualified and adhere to the strict DAA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice. I take a realistic approach to food and lifestyle and aim to empower people to embrace personally-meaningful changes to their lives.

Since you're probably reading this to find out more about me here's an overview of who I am and what I offer...

Areas of special interest 

I have chosen to specialise in: 

  • gut health;
  • alternative (non-diet) approaches to support people with weight concern;
  • kidney disease.  

I have earned respect for my working knowledge of best practice therapies in my areas of special interest. 

Extensive experience and training

I've been working in public health and private practice for 17 years and specialise in gut health, the non-diet approach to weight concern and renal disease. I'm also pretty interested in the role of diet in inflammation and chronic disease. The advice I give is based on an abundant knowledge of the scientific research and the post-graduate training I undertake supports me to do the best possible job. I have completed accredited courses in:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Health Coaching
  • Psychology of Dietetics
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training recognised by MAA
  • Health At Every Size model and Non-Diet Approach to weight management
  • Monash University courses in using the low FODMAP diet
  • Advanced training and ongoing mentoring with experts in the field of SIBO management

Clinical supervision so my clients receive the best possible care

What I've realised in working with people for 17 years is: nutrition is a science (and that's fine) but eating is a behaviour (and behaviours are not easy to change!) 

So, while I'm backed by the above nutrition credentials, I've gone a step further: to ensure excellence in client-centred practice, I have a PACFA-accredited clinical supervisor with whom I meet on a regular basis to discuss cases and counselling concerns. Unlike psychologists and other counsellors, APDs are not required to undertake any formal clinical supervision, however I have found clinical supervision invaluable and I know my clients are benefiting from this investment. 

My Story

I entered the wonderful world of nutrition and dietetics in 2000. After finishing my degree at Newcastle University, I was offered the challenging role of Renal Dietitian at John Hunter Hospital, under the supervision of well-respected Renal Dietitian, Catherine Ryan and working closely with notable nephrologists including Prof Ranjit Nanra, Dr Paul Trevillian and Dr Al Gillies. I held this position for a number of years, supporting people to manage their kidney disease in both early stages, on dialysis and even post-kidney transplant. In 2010, I took on the role of lead researcher and coordinator in a 'world first': a systematic review of the scientific literature for Guidelines for the Nutritional Management of Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients in 2011.

I moved into private practice in 2004, working at The Golden Door Health Retreat in the Hunter Valley for two years (where I ran talks, provided one-on-one consultations and had fun co-creating the guest menus and co-writing the cookbook Purely Golden Door). When I finished up there (due to having kids!).

In 2007 I set up a private nutrition counselling clinic in Newcastle where I began to specialise in gut health, a non-diet approach to weight concern and the dietary management of kidney disease. This has involved continuous learning, attending workshops and actively seeking new research to support my practice. Armed with the passion to find the best ways to help people feel better, live better, eat better (etc.) and my ravenous appetite for keeping up to date with nutrition research, I have won the respect of patients, GPs and specialists alike for the quality of the work I do.

Over the past 10 years, I've run workshops and retreats and presented nutrition talks to other health practitioners. As my clinic load has increased in recent years, I now only arrange these events by request. If you're interested in having me come and speak to your group or in an indulgent weekend away while learning about nutrition and practising mindfulness, please get in touch.

In recent years, I have enjoyed mentoring dietitians through the DAA mentoring program. If you are graduated newly-graduated dietitian and are looking for a mentor, please get in touch. I'd be delighted to discuss your needs.


Let me do the hard yards: I'll keep up to date with the complex nutrition science and translate it into advice you can put into practice right away.


What do my clients say?

Well respected and deservedly so! (DB)

High calibre professional, excellent depth and breadth of knowledge, provides sound, unequivocal guidance within a holistic strategy referenced to the patient's medical status and total health. Highly recommended. (RM)

My son and myself have seen Karen yesterday, and it has been most pleasant. We have enjoyed the positive and friendly atmosphere in her rooms, and her warm and professional approach to provide the best possible outcome for us. She has answered all our questions, and provided some really helpful tips and advice. The costs were a fraction of what we expected, and our visit was worth every penny. Both of us can highly recommend her to anyone. (FB)

I attended an 8 week mindfulness medication course run by Karen Fry from Nourish Nutrition and it has provided me with the tools to ensure I continue meditation which I have found highly beneficial and enriching throughout my life. Karen was very professional, well prepared with a written handbook, and a meditation CD for ongoing use was provided to all participants. Throughout the course Karen was very generous with her time and available via phone or email to discuss our progress. I would recommend Karen and Nourish Nutrition to anyone who is looking to improve their well being and improve their health. (ND)